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Welcome to our Mission

Perfect Kinetics serves any individual looking to achieve their fitness goals at a significantly faster rate than trying to achieve these goals on their own. For anyone who has tried numerous fitness fads or other training programs only to be left unsatisfied with their results, Perfect Kinetics will offer a new approach. We also have the expertise and qualifications to provide programs for persons with medical conditions or those seeking post clinical rehabilitation.

Our mission:

To create an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and empowered.
To provide training programs in an environment to ensure success.
To be actively involved in our clients successes and aid them in reaching and maintaining their fitness goals.
Joshua Walker,  CEO - Perfect Kinetics Inc.
About Perfect Kinetics
Perfect Kinetics is a privately run personal training studio offering client specific programs. We provide a professional and personalized environment which enables our clients to achieve their fitness goals. By staying on the leading edge of fitness and nutrition science, we ensure delivery of modern and effective fitness programs. We not only motivate and prepare our clients for success, but our comprehensive, yet manageable program design ensures our clients can reach their goals.
Our Facility
Situated on the border of Mount Pearl, St. John's and Paradise, Perfect Kinetics hosts a 3000 square foot fitness and training studio. Our facility has been outfitted with new, state of the art equipment designed to offer a complete training experience.

The studio comes equipped with bathrooms, kitchen, and all the necessary fitness tools, weights, cables, machines and cardio equipment you need to get the results you desire and deserve.

Joshua Walker, B.Kin., CSCS-NSCA, owner/operator of Perfect Kinetics, has worked in St. John's and surrounding area's fitness facilities for the past several years. He has experienced firsthand the short falls that currently exist in the personal training services offered at other fitness facilities. Perfect Kinetics was created and designed to fill that void in service by adding a unique twist to bare basics program design and ensuring that everyone is treated as a unique individual, not simply a number or sale.

Joshua attained his Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from Memorial University. During that time he also obtained and surrounded himself with some of the highest standards in the world of fitness and training, some of which include an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certification. With the knowledge and guidance of his education, Joshua has worked with a full range of clients with a variety of different goals, including weight loss, muscular development, pre/post natal nutrition and exercise, postural correction, rehabilitation, medical conditions and sports conditioning.
      What can a trainer do for me?

For many fitness enthusiasts and gym patrons, the question of “do I really need a trainer?” comes up often. The answer is yes, but not just any trainer; a properly certified and qualified trainer can improve the quality of your fitness experience and assist you to achieve your goals quicker than working alone. What can we do for you?

     Proper, individual program design – Anyone can pull a training program from the internet or rip one from a magazine but the real question of course, “is that program right for you?” Everyone has a unique history of exercise, personal goals and body type, how could a generic program possibly be maximizing your results?
     Proper nutrition guidance – Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or one of overall health and fitness, proper nutrition is ultimately the    key to success. If you aren’t giving your body the right nutrients at the right time, even the best program in the world will be unsuccessful.
     Proper form – Have you ever completed an exercise or workout and thought, “something doesn’t feel right?” Proper exercise might “hurt”, but it should never “injure”. Correct form is critical for getting the results you want and staying injury free. There are few fitness setbacks more physically and mentally frustrating to achieving your goals than a training injury.
     Quicker results – At the end of the day, proper program design, form and nutrition all leads to one thing, you achieve results sooner. It’s a simple concept, but it’s been tried and tested to success.
     Safer training – In addition to proper program design and form, having someone there watching and spotting you is the safest way to train.
     Commitment – We’ve all said it, “I’m busy tonight, I can go tomorrow,” only to find later ourselves caught in a cycle of procrastination? At Perfect  Kinetics we’re committed to our clients and we encourage and expect our clients to be accountable as well; to their appointments and most importantly, to themselves. We want you to succeed, and fostering a commitment to make exercise part of your routine is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.
     Motivational support – We’re more than just trainers at Perfect Kinetics, we’re also coaches. What’s the difference? A trainer can show you how something should be done, but a coach motivates and inspires you to action. Surrounding yourself with people who take genuine interest in your well being and success will help you to get where you want to be.

If you want to reach your true potential and become a healthier you in the fastest, safest, and most effective way possible, then our properly certified and educated trainers are exactly what you need.
Training Packages

All programs are individualized to the client’s needs and goals; therefore, an initial assessment and nutritional counselling is required in order to determine medical history, exercise history, muscle imbalances, schedule and personal goals.

One-on-one Training:

Sessions can be purchased in any sum as desired by the client. Price breaks are at 12 and 24 sessions.

These sessions are scheduled in at the convenience of both the trainer and client and include the trainer’s complete one-on-one attention.

If the above option does not suit your needs there are also the following options are available


Semi-Private Training:

These options still offer individualized programs like one-on-one training (not like a bootcamp or class) but differ in that at any given session there may be several other clients present. These additional clients will also be going through their individualized programs during the session, with the guidance of the trainer. All programs are modified periodically as the individual progresses through their program.

Bodyfat Testing: 

Skinfold calipers method to accurately track your progress and make tailored adjustments to your plan for faster results

On the Run: 

This option is designed for those that simply cannot make it into the studio on a regular basis and will be taking their program home or to another facility.

What everyone is saying...
"At nearly forty-six I can say, with a lot of confidence, I am in the best shape of my life. I went from 214lbs to 193lbs and decreased my body fat from over 25% to 10 %. While doing this I also had significant muscle and strength gains-that’s the golden piece. How did all this come about? Simple, I joined Perfect Kinetics and met Joshua Walker. Josh did not give me a 3, 4, 6 or 12 week program-those things end and then what do you do? Nor did he promise me a ripped physique in six weeks-not his style. Instead first and foremost he taught me about food. No scripted diet list from Josh for me but rather he educated me on how to determine good calories and when to consume them. As my eating improved so did my workouts. This in turn improved my life and that’s what it’s all about.

While being put on the path of good nutrition Josh works with me on doing proper workouts. Proper form is everything-not bench pressing twice/three times your body weight. Although that would be impressive-if done with proper form (that’s the next goal Josh). Previous to meeting Josh, I spent countless hours at the big box gyms waiting my turn (waiting too long by the way) to access various pieces of equipment. Instead of spending about an hour and a half at a gym I now complete effective/intensive workouts in 45-50 minutes at Perfect Kinetics, Josh’s, studio. Yep I got exponentially better results by spending less time at a gym. This of course was done with Josh’s know how.

How does Josh help me accomplish this? The answer is his university education in Kinesiology (not a two day course off the internet) combined with his dedication and passion for healthy living. Hey Josh, thanks for helping me set goals and more importantly for helping me reach them. That’s important at all ages. I think I’ll stick around for a while longer."

          -Wayne Skinner

“I have seen Joshua for personal training and as a Kinesiologist for a painful and rather frustrating injury and I can honestly say that after my experience with him I wouldn't go to anyone else. His knowledge, experience, and extensive education combined with a respectful and professional demeanor sets him apart from the rest and is a breath of fresh air.  

I began personal training with Joshua during my last pregnancy and it was of utmost importance to me to find someone that knew how to balance safety and effectiveness. Joshua more than fit the bill. He came up with innovative ways to work around the unique difficulties that can arise with mid to late pregnancy and I'm certain that this made my labour, delivery, and postpartum recovery easier all around. Having little babies in your house makes it difficult to find time to exercise, but Joshua came up with efficient and challenging programs for me that I could do at home or in the gym in a surprisingly short amount of time. When I was back to my pre pregnancy weight and fully recovered we shifted the focus to muscle building so I began a new phase where Joshua continued to provide me with intense and effective workouts that pushed me hard but were so much fun. Throughout all of this time - for pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and muscle building - Joshua offered sound nutritional advice that I could trust to be safe. He even modified a detox so that it was safe for my milk supply while breastfeeding. It's not easy to find someone who has this knowledge. 

I didn't think I would need a Kinesiologist but I had a bizarre accident that left me with a dislocated patella, partial tear of the retinacullum, and some bone bruising on my femur. Following my injury I got some pretty terrible advice from various doctors and physiotherapists that many months later left me worse off than when the injury initially occurred. I had very limited range of motion in my knee and a lot of pain when I should have been fully healed after 6-8 weeks. I saw Joshua when I was approximately 4 months post injury, frustrated, in pain, and convinced that I'd never walk without a cane or significant limp but he assured me that this was not the case. He gave me a "kneehab" program that, to my amazement, instantly improved my range and lessened my pain after just one session. At his urging, I found a new physiotherapist and with their combined support I have seen drastic improvement. The range of motion in my knee is within a normal range, I no longer use a cane or brace, surgery has been taken off the table as an option. I'm still recovering but I'm almost back to normal and Joshua's knowledge and support have played an integral role in this. This guy knows his stuff.

I'll be leaving the metro area for Conception Bay North soon, but I won't be changing trainers. He's more than worth the commute, and I cannot recommend his services enough. “

          -Kelly Budgell

“I started with Josh in March 2010. I had been unable to lose the weight I had gained after the birth of my last child. I was looking for a long term solution after unsuccessfully going the quick fix route several times. I was a fairly healthy eater but being over 40 my metabolism was not what it used to be!

Josh’s knowledge of nutrition impressed me right away. I logged my food on a weekly basis. Through his review of these logs he taught me that when you eat is as important as what you eat. By mid-afternoon I was always extremely fatigued and was going for blood work 2-3 time a year, because there had to be something “wrong” with me. Once I started following Josh’s nutritional advice the mid-afternoon fatigue disappeared. I have more energy through the day than I have had in years. As a business owner and the mother of 2 children I don’t have time to be tired. I have also learned that by making time to look after me---I am now better equipped to look after everyone else!

With Josh’s education and customized exercise program, I didn’t start a “diet” I started a way of life. I have lost 14 pounds. My body fat has dropped from 31% to 19% and I have lost over 15 inches all over. My friends comment as much on how my body shape has changed as on the weight I’ve lost. I am maintaining the weight loss and am totally addicted to feeling energetic and strong.”

          -Michelle Skinner

“Before discovering Perfect Kinetics I had tried every bootcamp, dvd, book, and app there was for weight loss and toning and I have never reached the fitness level I am currently at with Josh.
From the first day I met Josh he has been educating me on fitness and nutrition. He is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises, he is extremely knowledgeable in how our muscles work, how best to exercise our bodies and how to maximize your efforts. Josh has also helped me with my diet; how to structure my meals and how much I should be eating.
There are no quick fixes or crazy meal plans to follow. I follow my personalized exercise plan and log my food. Josh is always available to help tweak my meal plan and offer competent advice.  
The concept seems way too easy to work but it did! After a short period of time I noticed my body changing; inches disappearing, more muscle definition and more energy. 
My customized workout plan offers a variety of exercises to keep me from getting bored and each exercise is explained and demonstrated (many times, sometimes) to make sure I am getting the full benefit and preventing injury.
Perfect Kinetics offers a friendly non-intimating environment to achieve my fitness goals.”


 "I highly recommend Joshua Walker if you are looking for a trainer that is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Joshua was thorough in evaluating my precise needs from my rehabilitation after an injury to helping me work towards my goals of becoming strong and fit. By changing up my individual program he continues to challenge and push me to work harder. Because of Joshua I am stronger and more confident lifting weights and able to get back to the active lifestyle I was used to enjoying before my injury. I appreciate his patience and willingness to accommodate my schedule.

The studio is spacious, clean and organized. I like the upbeat busy but never crowded atmosphere and not having to wait for equipment. Being instructed (and supervised) on the safe and proper use and technique of each machine or exercise and the guidance and encouragement from a trainer that truly cares about my well-being and success is paramount". 

           -Melanie Hann

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