Training Packages

All programs are individualized to the client’s needs and goals; therefore, an initial assessment and nutritional counselling is required in order to determine medical history, exercise history, muscle imbalances, schedule and personal goals. (not included in the prices below).

One-on-one Training:

Sessions can be purchased in any sum as desired by the client.  Price breaks are at 12 and 24 sessions.

These sessions are scheduled in at the convenience of both the trainer and client and include the trainer’s complete one-on-one attention.

If the above option does not suit your needs there are also the following options are available


25 for 25 Training & 50 for 20 Training Packages: Includes 25 sessions or 50 sessions.

These options still offer individualized programs like one-on-one training but differ in that at any given session there may be several other clients present. These additional clients will also be going through their individualized programs during the session, with the guidance of the trainer.  All programs are modified periodically as the individual progresses through their program.

Bodyfat Testing: Skinfold calipers method.

On the Run: Includes 3 four week programs, before and after assessment, nutritional counseling and 2 bodyfat tests.
The above option is designed for those that simply cannot make it into the studio on a regular basis and will be taking their program home or to another facility.

Sports teams and specialization camps or on-site training information is available upon request.

All of these options are based on the semi-private studio rates, limited availability and are completed at the studio located on 1277 Topsail Road.